Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Coming Home - the real reason

I have several reasons for coming home, some of which are to see family and friends again, see my son, the travelling is getting expensive (the Euro exchange rate is high), and so is the temperature....It's hovering around 38 degrees Celsius this afternoon and the sweat is dripping off everyone....

My real ultimate reason for coming home though is that I want to write. I have become so inspired by the writing workshop I took in Loutro that I don't want to waste another moment flitting about. I need to be stationary for a while and get the two books finished that I'm working on right now.

It was like a miracle happened during the workshop and I feel that I've made a major breakthrough....so Regina here I come....though I may search out a place in a more rural or lake setting to complete my work and stay out of the heat.
I'll be catching a flight to London tonight and be home in a few days.

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